$225,000 USD

Life is Short…Buy the Place in Costa Rica

We bought this modern 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in the heart of Ojochal property for the pool, the tropical mountain view, the stunning beaches, the tight-knit community and the convenience of being able to walk to a French bakery, a pizzeria, bars and a grocery store. The house was the perfect size for us; clean, modern, with everything we’d need. We call it Casa Dos Mangos because the twin mango trees provide wonderful shade as well as fruit, flowers and the opportunity to view all kinds of bird and animal life. They represent so much of what we love about Costa Rica!


Casa Dos Mangos

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When we bought the home in 2010 we didn’t realize that the kids would be snorkelling with the tadpoles in our creek, raising money by selling coconuts for the town’s beloved tiny library, learning about butterflies and baby sea turtles from the turtle reserve’s biologist, or skyping their classes at home from the boutique hotel across the road. Discovering world-class restaurants and jaw-dropping ocean vistas, exploring local caves and waterfalls we had never known existed, meeting some incredible Costa Rican families; none of that could have been foreseen.

The other thing we didn’t predict was that seven years later, our kids would be so committed to high school that they didn’t want to miss ANY of it. So instead of selling it or enjoying the property for just 3 weeks per year (being in real estate in a northern beach community means I don’t get summers off) we are offering this gem of a vacation property for like-minded paradise seekers.

Just imagine: The sun has set, you’re back from the beach and cracking open a cold one. The kids are rinsing off in the outdoor shower and the conversation turns to those clouds rolling in. An extremely rare sight in the dry season (January-April), a tropical rain is a memorable experience. Bodacious raindrops sound like tropical music on the metal roof. Tree frogs join the chorus and the downpour invites everyone to jump in the pool. The heavenly tap turns off just as quickly as it opened and the clouds dissipate, revealing the starriest sky you can imagine. The only distraction from the awesome skies are the blinking of the fireflies and the growling starting in your stomach….which of the 5-star restaurants in the Ojochal area should you try tonight?

Location: See map below. The house is accessed via Calle del Bosque, Ojochal, approx. 500 feet west of the Coronado bridge by the Tortuga Elementary School (Escuela Tortuga)
House Size: 1,744 square feet (162 m2)
Layout: Front entry/dining room, central living room, 2 bedrooms, each outfitted with its own bathroom with a large walk-in shower, kitchen, breakfast nook and peninsula bar with garden view
Land area: .78 acre (3,153 m2) with road access from two streets, irregular shape with 97.3 feet (29.66 metres) of frontage on Calle del Bosque and frontage of the additional lot is just slightly different at 95.5 feet (29.1 metres).


  • This well-built newer home in central Ojochal features a pool and deck providing a beautiful view of the mountain
  • Twin mango trees provide plenty of shade around the refreshingly cool whale-shaped pool and the property is blessed by breezes coming up through the valley, keeping you cool on the hottest days
  • A tiled and painted covered veranda wraps around the entire home
  • Nature lovers and birders have indeed found their piece of paradise as the many flowering bushes and fruit trees attract a delightful array of birds and butterflies
  • Coconuts, bananas, papayas, mangos, limes and oranges bring color and flavor to your vacation
  • Toucans, wild parrots, woodrails, hummingbirds and soaring species are common sights
  • The gated front entry completes the feeling of security and privacy, which is further enhanced by a thick and healthy bamboo hedge
  • This property includes an adjacent lot with a matching gated entry, just steps from the boutique hotel “El Mono Feliz” (The Happy Monkey) and a quaint French bakery
  • There are concrete steps all the way down to a serene, year-round creek where you will see and hear countless species of bird and aquatic life
  • Double gravel driveway
  • Inside, there is plenty of space for spreading your wings in the spacious front foyer/dining room and central living room
  • There are two bedrooms, each outfitted with open closets, wood doors and newly tiled floors
  • Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a large walk-in shower (with hot water), renovated with new tile, fixtures, sinks and artful super smooth concrete. 
  • The kitchen is the perfect size for a family, with open shelving, wooden cabinets, stainless appliances, an eat-in breakfast nook and peninsula bar
  • Last but not least, the house comes fully furnished. Anything you may have forgotten may be found in area grocery stores. Just don’t forget your swimsuit!

Spectacular sunset and warm, gentle surf at Playa Tortuga, a few minutes up the road from your vacation rental in the serene village of Ojochal, Costa Rica. View photos of the home through recent years, area beaches and local hotspots in separate galleries below.

Ojochal Home and Garden

Click here to view the photo gallery (click here if you’re on your mobile device). The pool and yard photos take precedence because that’s where the majority of time is spent, but the modern interior provides a comfortable place for family time, entertaining and transitions between activities.


The central location of this property certainly makes it a wonderful investment. Build equity in a town that is growing in population, services, infrastructure and happiness! Set in peaceful Ojochal, Calle del Bosque is close to a corner store, year-round rivers and waterfalls, a library, elementary school, and best of all, world-class restaurants to treat your guests, celebrate special occasions, or experience the diversity of flavours of the area.

Already in the country or flying in? Enter your current address in the map below for easy directions.  When you arrive you’ll note it’s a quick drive to the local grocery store, fun excursions, restaurants and beaches.

Ojochal Area Beaches and Excursions Photo Tour

Click here to view the photo gallery (click here if you’re on your mobile device) for a glimpse of the beaches closest to Ojochal, including Tortuga, Ventanas, Piñuelas, Colonia or Chaman and Bahia Ballena as well as some of the various excursions and self-guided adventures to be found in the area.

Also, nearby communities offer a diverse array of activities and events. For a great overview of the closest National Park (Parque Nacional Marino Ballena) and the surroundings of Uvita, complete with maps and photos, check out this blog.

Ojochal Around Town, Food and Fun Photo Tour

Click here to view the photo gallery (click here if you’re on your mobile device)

Let’s Chat About Costa Rica!

Don’t hesitate to contact Bruce with any questions. Experience all the reasons why Ojochal will quickly top your short list of homebuying options!

Why Costa Rica?

Who wouldn’t want to travel to the happiest place on earth?

The Happy Planet Index is an annual survey conducted by the New Economics Foundation, a British think-tank that aims to measure the level of happiness in every country throughout the world.  A country’s “happiness” is calculated by measuring its progress toward embracing a “sustainable well-being.”  The ranking system establishes an undeniable link between happiness and the environment or nature.  Costa Rica has topped the list this year for the second time, as its national conservation policies, small ecological footprint, high quality of life and life expectancy rate are all exceedingly above par.  Embrace a carefree state of mind and appoint the ever-mellow Costa Rica as the next must-see destination on your travel list.

Why Costa Rica is “the happiest country on earth”:

As one of the world’s leading ecotourism destinations, Costa Rica was ranked as the “greenest country in the world” by the NEF.  Costa Rica – which translates to “rich coast” – is an utterly peaceful country, so diplomatic in its ways that they indelibly abolished their army in 1949.  The government announced its plans to become the first carbon-neutral country by 2021 and Costa Rica ranked as #1 in the Americas and #5 worldwide in the 2012 Environmental Performance Index.  

If you’re looking for some sunshine, clean air and a much-needed detox, take your next trip to Costa Rica’s strikingly beautiful Osa Peninsula and find out why everyone’s always smiling and chanting “Pura Vida,” meaning “pure life.”

~via www.Forbes.com