Latest Client Review

“Bruce Johnson is the consummate realtor, and his lovely wife Mary, the ultimate staging professional. Together they make a powerful team!

From start to finish, Bruce’s vast experience and knowledge, along with his accurate and honest assessment of property values provided an invaluable source of information. He knows so much about the area, other comparable properties for sale and quality home construction. He expertly guided us through the challenging process of preparing our home to be sold, placing our house most advantageously on the market at the best price, and assisting us in finding and buying our beautiful, new home. While we were away on vacation, Bruce swiftly and effectively negotiated a deal on our house and had it sold in one week at full asking price! We were absolutely thrilled, as he sent us the papers to sign, helping us every step of the way over the phone, and making the whole process so easy, even from a long distance. He even arranged for a local RE/MAX in California to help with the signing process.

We were worried that we would not find the right house in the short amount of time available before closing. Bruce reassured us that the right house would soon present itself, and soon, there were two we could not decide between. Bruce goes the extra mile. He stayed with us until later at night, accompanying us as we drove miles between our top choices of houses, sitting with us in each home, and patiently going over the pros and cons.

If you list with Bruce, you are very lucky to receive free staging. Mary Johnson truly has a gift, when it comes to professionally staging a house. She completely transformed the space and lifted the energy through her knowledge of the ancient art of feng shui to a peaceful, relaxing, spa-like feeling. Mary spent a great deal of time preparing an extensive list for us that looked daunting at first glance. However, we are glad that we followed it conscientiously, because in the end, it had a huge impact on selling the house so soon. She chose neutral, uplifting and calming paint colours to brighten up key rooms, pointed out where repairs were needed, and guided us with great sensitivity and care in finding beautiful and elegant accent pieces, which now adorn our new home. She also found the perfect front door and garage door colours, and offered valuable tips on sprucing up the outside. There must have been over 100 emails exchanged, mostly initiated from us, as she thoroughly and thoughtfully answered all of our questions in great detail. Our home looked like a cover shot in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine spread and so serene, that we questioned whether or not we really wanted to move out. We are having Mary stage our new house, just to make sure our new home becomes as gorgeous a retreat as our last. She calls it, “Staging for Living.”

The greatest part of this amazing real estate team is the people they are. Bruce and Mary are so engaging, fun and positive. But what is most appreciated, is their sincerity and honesty, which are indeed rare in today’s world. Your life will be richer for having known them, and their professionalism is unsurpassed.”

Douglas and Elena Iannone

“Working with Bruce and Mary Johnson actually made both selling our home and buying a new one an exciting and pleasant experience for my husband and myself! Trusting their advise and experience was the best thing we did! Our home had been on the market prior to working with them with absolutely no interest. We soon learned that it was not our home that was unappealing, but the way it was marketed. After listing with Bruce, our home was sold in under two months for above asking price! Bruce also went completely above and beyond to help us to purchase the home of our dreams! Although we know that they had many clients to work for while we were with them, they always made us feel as though we were their only concern: responding to questions via texts and e-mail IMMEDIATELY, no matter what day or time. We always felt as though we were important and that they were there for us. Bruce and Mary are honest, trustworthy people who are AMAZING at what they do…making peoples dreams come true!!! Thank you Bruce and Mary, we are forever grateful.”

The Brennans

“I first met Bruce six years ago when I needed a real estate agent to purchase my first home in Wasaga Beach. Bruce proved to be an agent who took the time to get to know his clients and choose houses that would suit their needs to view. Every house that Bruce showed me, it was if he was looking at the house for him and his family as he pointed out the pros and cons of the houses. He wasn’t there just for the sale. Since my first purchase I have made a few more with Bruce always by my side. A trait of Bruce’s that I admire and deeply respect is his sincerity which created a trust factor critical for each and every step made purchasing a home. I could not imagine working with a better agent then Bruce, and recommend him to everyone who needs a real estate agent. I know myself and probably everyone who has ever dealt with Bruce would definitely put him at the top of the “Most Preferred Agent” list. In closing, I can say I truly found my Real Estate Agent for Life!!!”

The Loughrans

“We want to thank you both for working with us to help get our house sold so quickly and for a fair price.  We had done our best to de-clutter and now know the difference between de-cluttering and staging. Mary, your sense of colour and flow is exceptional and it was a joy working with you. I have to admit that the initial checklist was a bit overwhelming, but you had warned us of that and you really worked with our comfort level to help us choose what we could handle without feeling that we needed to do “everything” that was on the list. I am sure that your staging played a major part in getting our home sold so quickly.  Bruce, we have worked with a few Realtors in the past, and none of them came close to offering all the services that you provided. Your pictures of Mary’s work with our home were breathtaking and we will always remember our house as seen through your lens. Your negotiation strategies were bang on and it was such a pleasure to work with someone whom we could feel had his finger on the real estate pulse of the community.  Both of you have such palpable integrity and compassion that it was invigorating for us to get this house ready for you to sell. You never pushed or demanded anything and yet we felt highly motivated to follow any suggestions you offered. Thank you both for such an enjoyable experience. We have been telling all our friends about your great service and we feel very fortunate to have had you on our team. You two are incomparable.”

The Oakes’

We have been extremely pleased that we chose you Bruce as our Realtor, after being referred by our friends. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and congenial personality certainly helped make the listing and selling of our home a comfortable and less stressful experience. You always made yourself available and kept us informed along the way. Mary, your expertise and pleasant nature made the staging process “fun.” You worked very hard and the end results showed. It was a learning experience for me as you de-cluttered, rearranged furniture, changed pictures, etc. Together you make a GREAT team and at any opportunity we will refer your services to friends and relatives. We wish you much success in the future.”

Gayle Peacock

“Life, being life, sometimes it gives us lemons and sometimes it gives us chocolate… As much as I enjoy lemonade, I love chocolate. Life gave me the gift of chocolate when I walked into the RE/MAX office in Wasaga Beach and met Bruce Johnson. I had just listed my home of 20 years in Calgary with the intentions of moving to Wasaga Beach to be closer to my family. Bruce took me to several places that were for rent and when I realized that I preferred to purchase, he began to show me various areas of the town. I quickly decided that I liked the Wasaga Meadows area and we went to see three listings in that complex. I liked them all but I still had my home for sale in Calgary. After I returned home, Bruce kept in touch with me and advised me when the homes I had viewed were sold and also what homes had just been listed. Just as my home sold, he sent word that one in Meadow Lane was available and it was in the area that I liked. Since I was unable to come to see it, Bruce took the time to go to this home and video it for me. It was like being here and viewing it myself. I put an offer in on it and it was accepted. As I was not arriving in Wasaga until after the closing date, Bruce arranged to have the inspection, walk through and all utilities changed to my name for me. Bruce made my move at this end so easy for me (if only he had come out and helped me pack up in Calgary!). Since moving here, I have found the neighbours and everyone I have met to be friendly and welcoming and I know that I am going to enjoy living in Wasaga Beach. Thank you Bruce and Mary for bringing your girls to visit and for your assistance and advice. And thanks too for literally bringing the gift of “chocolate” that evening…!”

The Kaichis’

“When we were discussing the idea of purchasing a cottage for our family, my husband happened to stumble upon Bruce by chance.  My husband had numerous questions for Bruce regarding cottages, the area and so on.   I was wondering if perhaps all our questions were being a bother, but Bruce was always very happy to answer them and provided us with a lot of information so that we could make the best choice.  Bruce helped us find the perfect cottage, that our family has enjoyed for the last few years.  We have since purchased our second investment property with Bruce, so not only do we consider Bruce our go-to agent who we don’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends, we also consider him a friend.”

The Crawfords

“The easiest place to start is always the beginning and I will begin by asking that you forgive the length of this review. We first met Bruce last year when we interviewed 6 real estate agents to list our house for sale. Bruce definitely matched us the best but unfortunately a friendship had to be honoured so we went with another agent. No need to get into that suffice to say the listing expired. When it did I called Bruce and told him our plans of what we wanted to do to get the house ready to re-list and that we would be calling him shortly. Three weeks later we called and asked that he bring all pertinent paper work to sign us up. Once all was said and done we met Mary. We have all used the expression “There’s something about Mary” but never has it been more apt than when speaking about Mary Johnson – there is definitely something about this Mary.  She projects such a quiet, calming aura that you have no choice but to just relax and feel good in her presence. Do not mistake this and think she is an easy sway to your ideas.  Behind that quiet is a will of steel and such strength and belief in her vision for how your home should be “staged” but projected in such a way that you bend to her will without feeling like you have capitulated in any way.  I have put “staged” in quotations because in no way when Mary is finished does your home look or feel like it is staged – it will feel very warm, welcoming and inviting while everything is in its place and looking like it has been there forever because that is where it belonged – even if it isn’t yours but a piece from the Johnson’s home. That feeling that Mary can create is true magick. I have said that Bruce was a great match for us and I would like to clarify why.  He has such an outgoing and positive personality, he is fun, likes to laugh and truly makes you feel welcome in all aspects.  He matched us to a “T”.  When you look past all the exterior qualities that is when you really notice that being a real estate agent is not only his job but his passion and you can tell easily that he truly enjoys what he does. Bruce also has a very creative side to him that is very evident in the pictures that he takes of your home before it is listed. I am not talking about a couple pictures but a complete photo shoot and over 50 photos. As a seller you really don’t appreciate that but as a buyer you do but I will get into that more in the next chapter. Thanks to Bruce’s photos, Mary’s creativity and yes our sweat, our home sold conditionally in 10 hours and was sold firm in just 4 days. If that is not a testament I don’t know what would be. As a buyer things are a little different and you notice a lot of little things that are really very important. We spent a lot of time on looking for our next home. Most listings had maybe 5 or 6 pictures if we were lucky and not very good ones at that. I found that to be very frustrating and “Where are the pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms?” became a mantra over the next few weeks. Bruce’s patience during our “let’s go see this one” stage was unlimited. His composure as well as his (no polite way to say this) cajones when dealing with a potential private sale were worthy of the standing “O”. Yes we did finally find our next home and are looking forward to moving in July. This is not the end as we know we will be selling and buying a few more houses but I do know that when all is said and done it will end with us living “happily ever after” and yes Bruce and Mary will be with us for every one of them. True magick is found in ones enjoyment of their life in all aspects and Bruce and Mary are truly a magickal team.”

The Osborns

“We feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Bruce to buy our forever home and to sell our starter home of fourteen plus years. The great part about working with Bruce to sell your house is that you get an added bonus; Mary. What a phenomenal team they are. Mary’s vision of how to paint, arrange your furniture and stage your home to attract a wide variety of potential buyers and Bruce’s expert knowledge of the real estate market and fantastic photography skills create “the whole package.” We listened to their recommendations (well, most of them,) made the changes to our house and it sold in less than a week. Our new home purchase with Bruce was equally enjoyable. He knew when to tell us that the house we saw on MLS was not the right one. He entertained our numerous visits to other houses; never pressuring us to place an offer. In fact, Bruce would often tell us to keep looking and the right house would come along. Well, it did and we love it! Bruce’s knowledge of Wasaga Beach stems from his lengthy residency here which allows him to help clients make informed decisions on the largest purchase of their lives; their home. If you’re buying a house make sure you use Bruce Johnson to ensure you buy a home, not just a house. Bruce and Mary we would just like to thank you for all of your patience with us during this massive transition in our lives. Your knowledge and understanding will be cherished and remembered forever. Together you really are the whole package.

The Mullans

“To begin, my Mother’s condo at Sunset Point in Collingwood was up for sale with another agency, for over a year….I decided to search for another agent. So when I put in my order of the kind of person I was looking for, the answer was “I know just the person, Mr. Bruce Johnson,” and the journey began. Within 1 week the condo was staged by Mary and sold by Bruce. The best husband-wife team I ever met. They complement one another beautifully. At this point the search was on for a home. We needed 2 homes in 1. I wanted to stay in the area both my mother and I had come to enjoy, on a bus route, near a hospital, and so on…. Well there’s a saying that goes ‘What’s for you, won’t go by you’ and as fate should have it we found the perfect home through Bruce. There were a few hair-raising moments during the closing, and once again Bruce handle things like a pro. Bruce and Mary were so easy to like and admire. They are truly beautiful people and I would recommend them to everyone. This was my first experience with buying and selling of homes, and it was the last for my mother, who has had many experiences buying and selling. Well, I’ll conclude with, if your lucky enough to have Mary and Bruce Johnson working for you…you’re in great hands.”

The Millsons

Bruce Johnson is an excellent realtor. He puts a great deal of time and attention into every aspect of real estate. He listened to our wants and our needs and made them a reality with the sale and purchase of our homes. With Bruce we didn’t just feel like clients we felt like family. Bruce Johnson truly cares. We would not use anyone else!

The St. Johns

“Mary, We wanted to send a note to thank you for your help in staging our house for sale. We were amazed at the amount of time that you spent with us, making sure everything was just right. Once you were finished, our house looked so beautiful that we almost didn’t want to move! Our house had a bit of an odd layout and you were able to make it work through staging. Also, we do not have high-end furnishings or beautiful objects d’art, but somehow you managed to make our own stuff work and our house showed elegantly and stylishly. Throughout all of this, we felt that you were truly there to help and guide us and never once to judge or command. Your staging checklist was well laid out and easy to follow. It really took the guesswork out of what to do to get our home ready for sale. We truly feel that your insight and staging talents contributed greatly to our receiving a full asking price offer within the first week that our house was listed for sale! I attribute much of our success to following the checklist. Bruce’s negotiating skills may have also played a small part – haha 🙂 We were thrilled with the way the house turned out and of course that it sold so quickly for full price – what a great feeling. The staging made a huge difference both in the photos and the way the house looked for showings. We have been telling everyone we know about you and Bruce and what you have done for us. We really enjoyed working with you Mary, and were very impressed by your vision and ability to pull everything together. The only question that remains is: will you help us make our new house look as beautiful?”

The Coulsons

“We were so lucky to have Bruce when we bought our first home. He worked hard to find us the perfect one and fought even harder on our behalf to clinch the deal. We can truly say he will not only be our realtor for life, but a dear friend as well. We gave Bruce’s name to my parents as well and now they love him too (my mother a little too much….)!  Thanks Bruce!”

The Marriotts

“Mary is a true professional in the art of staging. She has a great deal of passion for staging and it clearly shows in her work. We lived in a fairly modern and updated home and already did a lot of de-cluttering before Mary showed up. We did not think much more could be done but WOW were we wrong. Mary provided us with a very detailed checklist outlining everything that needed to be done on a room-by-room basis. Every room required changes and most of these changes were small things that made an enormous improvement to the overall look and feel of the house. We can say with a great deal of confidence that our property sold faster and for more money because of Mary’s work. I would recommend Mary to anyone and everyone trying to sell their home.”

The Martinos

“Bruce, We want to express how pleased we are with our new acquisition. We could not have done it without you’re commitment to our dream and your positive attitude that you would find just the right property for us. It has been a pleasure working with you. You listened to our needs and desires. Your integrity and principles found us the right match. You were always available and worked within our time constraints. The moment we stepped foot on the property we knew you had found it for us. Thank you for all your efforts, it truly made us feel wonderful and very lucky we met you. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how special we felt when you and your family showed up at the property to give us the key. It made us feel like family. Again thank you for such a rewarding experience.”

The Polsons

“In the past 10 years my wife and I have been assisted by Bruce in the buying and selling of 3 homes for a total of six transactions with him. In each instance he caused the stress level to be significantly lower than it should have been. He is incredibly intelligent with regards to the real estate business in general, and phenomenally knowledgeable about the Georgian Bay areas properties. He was always available to us, and provided needed insight and feedback throughout each process. He even offers follow-up care. The only problem in dealing with Bruce is that he will ruin your experience with other agents. Recently my mother moved from Niagara to Barrie utilizing two agents, one there and one here. My expectations of what they could do were so high (due to my dealings with Bruce) that I was very disappointed. Oh, they did the usual stuff like put ads in the paper and arranged showings, but that was it. They didn’t offer meaningful input, and most noticeably missing was following up after the transaction to make sure she was happy. It is the small things that make differences in one’ s life. Bruce, you look after ALL the small things that your clients shouldn’t worry about. That is what makes you our agent for life!”

And more from past years…

“I think you have a very wonderful way of expressing yourself and you are in the RIGHT BUSINESS! I feel you and your lovely wife Mary make a great team.”  Edith McDonald 

“Bruce became my agent quite by chance–the poor sucker who happened to be on call one Sunday afternoon–when I decided that I could not possibly wait another minute to own a property at The Beach. Always the voice of reason, Bruce convinced me, this unknown crazy woman on the other end of the phone, that I did not need to hop in the car and drive the two hours right that very second. From that moment on, Bruce had an easy way of making me feel more like an old friend than an eccentric client. Although that did not keep him from reminding me on occasion that by the time we managed to find a place, in what turned out to be more than a year later, I would have driven him sufficiently over the edge that I would owe him a case of Gibson’s finest! Through it all though he was always a companion to my rambling late night email requests for MLS numbers. The one person I could count on to reply with a quick wit even at 2 a.m. A willing participant in discussions as to why The Cottage Gods seemed to be displeased with me, as my dream cottage remained elusive. He was a co-conspirator in the name game for various properties we saw: “The Swiss Chalet, The Shacks of La Playa Nuevo and the infamous Ugly Mushroom House,” which is a story unto itself. Ask him about it one day, if you want to see just how far around his head can spin! He even managed to win over my somewhat sceptical husband by refusing to conform to the usual more formal agent attire, choosing instead to wear shorts and sandals to show us properties. I will never forget the day we found the What-a-Saga Beach House. He was so excited to have sealed the deal for us, practically hopping from one foot to another as we talked strategy. His strategy worked, as finally the Cottage Gods were smiling on us. It was a short-lived feeling though, as eight days later it became apparent that any favour bestowed on us was to help protect us from the tragedy that the universe was about to deliver. It was after my husband’s sudden passing when Bruce proved without doubt that he was not only an agent beyond compare but also a true friend. He handled the details of the closing seamlessly with the utmost of respect and professionalism, working to ensure nothing would stand in the way of what was to become a much needed escape to my own little slice of Paradise. He even kept his promise to my late husband and made sure that our beach house had a fire pit, a gift we will enjoy for years to come. Bruce became my agent by chance, but it is by choice that I now call him my friend. I would recommend him without hesitation.”  Susan Wong

“We found Bruce to be very professional, friendly and patient. We were first-time homebuyers, so Bruce had his work cut out. He never pressured us and he always followed up with us on all our requests and questions.”   Jennifer Page and Paul Curran

“Bruce is very professional and helpful, not high-pressured. His service is excellent—he does more than sell a home.”   Ron and Donna Gosselin
“I think Bruce’s greatest ability is to make his customers comfortable enough with him to be brutally honest. That’s important when it’s a money matter. Bruce is very friendly, and he takes the time to listen to your needs and tastes. He has a lot of energy!” Dave and Carolyn Harris
“Dear Bruce, Our experience with you was much better than many agents we have dealt with. You showed us exactly what we wanted to see instead of what you felt we could afford. Keep up the great attitude and wonderful service!”   Malcolm and Wendy McFarlane
“Bruce is extremely friendly and easy to talk to and shows genuine concern for all his clients’ needs regarding real estate. He cared about what we wanted, protected our interests, and we are very happy in our new home.”   Andy and Dorothy Traill
“Dear Bruce, A great big thank-you for all your time and patience with us. Your dedication and genuine friendship helped us find just what we were looking for. Very early on you were not only our “Agent” but became our friend. Thank you for welcoming us to Wasaga Beach with the lovely baskets and an original Johnson birdhouse!”   The Vivona Family
“Bruce is very accommodating as far as meeting at special times and places. I appreciated his efforts & extra time spent with us since we were from out of town. Service was always excellent and all information was complete and explained efficiently. Bruce’s personality is unsurpassed!”   Michael and Natalie Padden
“WOW” is the first word used by everyone who walks into my freshly painted house. Mary not only helped us pick really great colors but explained why they would be so great for our personalities. This made us much more confident to take a leap for a fresh new look and that it would be the right choice for us. We genuinely love our new look and are so thankful to Mary for making it happen. She truly is a house whisperer.”   Steve and Stephanie Scholte
“When we finally made the commitment to sell our home we turned to Mary for her expertise in home staging. We firmly believed in the process and wanted to set our home apart from the rest of the housing market. After Mary’s initial assessment she provided us with an extensive list detailed by room and exterior improvement opportunities. At first we were overwhelmed but through dedication and hard work we tackled the list and immediately started to appreciate the transformation that was taking place. Mary supported us though the process with guidance and assistance and more than a few words of encouragement! We highly recommend Mary’s staging magic to everyone.”   The Vandeputtes