“To begin, my Mother’s condo at Sunset Point in Collingwood was up for sale with another agency, for over a year….I decided to search for another agent. So when I put in my order of the kind of person I was looking for, the answer was “I know just the person, Mr. Bruce Johnson,” and the journey began. Within 1 week the condo was staged by Mary and sold by Bruce. The best husband-wife team I ever met. They complement one another beautifully. At this point the search was on for a home. We needed 2 homes in 1. I wanted to stay in the area both my mother and I had come to enjoy, on a bus route, near a hospital, and so on…. Well there’s a saying that goes ‘What’s for you, won’t go by you’ and as fate should have it we found the perfect home through Bruce. There were a few hair-raising moments during the closing, and once again Bruce handle things like a pro. Bruce and Mary were so easy to like and admire. They are truly beautiful people and I would recommend them to everyone. This was my first experience with buying and selling of homes, and it was the last for my mother, who has had many experiences buying and selling. Well, I’ll conclude with, if your lucky enough to have Mary and Bruce Johnson working for you…you’re in great hands.”