“The easiest place to start is always the beginning and I will begin by asking that you forgive the length of this review. We first met Bruce last year when we interviewed 6 real estate agents to list our house for sale. Bruce definitely matched us the best but unfortunately a friendship had to be honoured so we went with another agent. No need to get into that suffice to say the listing expired. When it did I called Bruce and told him our plans of what we wanted to do to get the house ready to re-list and that we would be calling him shortly. Three weeks later we called and asked that he bring all pertinent paper work to sign us up. Once all was said and done we met Mary. We have all used the expression “There’s something about Mary” but never has it been more apt than when speaking about Mary Johnson – there is definitely something about this Mary.  She projects such a quiet, calming aura that you have no choice but to just relax and feel good in her presence. Do not mistake this and think she is an easy sway to your ideas.  Behind that quiet is a will of steel and such strength and belief in her vision for how your home should be “staged” but projected in such a way that you bend to her will without feeling like you have capitulated in any way.  I have put “staged” in quotations because in no way when Mary is finished does your home look or feel like it is staged – it will feel very warm, welcoming and inviting while everything is in its place and looking like it has been there forever because that is where it belonged – even if it isn’t yours but a piece from the Johnson’s home. That feeling that Mary can create is true magick. I have said that Bruce was a great match for us and I would like to clarify why.  He has such an outgoing and positive personality, he is fun, likes to laugh and truly makes you feel welcome in all aspects.  He matched us to a “T”.  When you look past all the exterior qualities that is when you really notice that being a real estate agent is not only his job but his passion and you can tell easily that he truly enjoys what he does. Bruce also has a very creative side to him that is very evident in the pictures that he takes of your home before it is listed. I am not talking about a couple pictures but a complete photo shoot and over 50 photos. As a seller you really don’t appreciate that but as a buyer you do but I will get into that more in the next chapter. Thanks to Bruce’s photos, Mary’s creativity and yes our sweat, our home sold conditionally in 10 hours and was sold firm in just 4 days. If that is not a testament I don’t know what would be. As a buyer things are a little different and you notice a lot of little things that are really very important. We spent a lot of time on Realtor.ca looking for our next home. Most listings had maybe 5 or 6 pictures if we were lucky and not very good ones at that. I found that to be very frustrating and “Where are the pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms?” became a mantra over the next few weeks. Bruce’s patience during our “let’s go see this one” stage was unlimited. His composure as well as his (no polite way to say this) cajones when dealing with a potential private sale were worthy of the standing “O”. Yes we did finally find our next home and are looking forward to moving in July. This is not the end as we know we will be selling and buying a few more houses but I do know that when all is said and done it will end with us living “happily ever after” and yes Bruce and Mary will be with us for every one of them. True magick is found in ones enjoyment of their life in all aspects and Bruce and Mary are truly a magickal team.”