“We want to thank you both for working with us to help get our house sold so quickly and for a fair price.  We had done our best to de-clutter and now know the difference between de-cluttering and staging. Mary, your sense of colour and flow is exceptional and it was a joy working with you. I have to admit that the initial checklist was a bit overwhelming, but you had warned us of that and you really worked with our comfort level to help us choose what we could handle without feeling that we needed to do “everything” that was on the list. I am sure that your staging played a major part in getting our home sold so quickly.  Bruce, we have worked with a few Realtors in the past, and none of them came close to offering all the services that you provided. Your pictures of Mary’s work with our home were breathtaking and we will always remember our house as seen through your lens. Your negotiation strategies were bang on and it was such a pleasure to work with someone whom we could feel had his finger on the real estate pulse of the community.  Both of you have such palpable integrity and compassion that it was invigorating for us to get this house ready for you to sell. You never pushed or demanded anything and yet we felt highly motivated to follow any suggestions you offered. Thank you both for such an enjoyable experience. We have been telling all our friends about your great service and we feel very fortunate to have had you on our team. You two are incomparable.”