“In the past 10 years my wife and I have been assisted by Bruce in the buying and selling of 3 homes for a total of six transactions with him. In each instance he caused the stress level to be significantly lower than it should have been. He is incredibly intelligent with regards to the real estate business in general, and phenomenally knowledgeable about the Georgian Bay areas properties. He was always available to us, and provided needed insight and feedback throughout each process. He even offers follow-up care. The only problem in dealing with Bruce is that he will ruin your experience with other agents. Recently my mother moved from Niagara to Barrie utilizing two agents, one there and one here. My expectations of what they could do were so high (due to my dealings with Bruce) that I was very disappointed. Oh, they did the usual stuff like put ads in the paper and arranged showings, but that was it. They didn’t offer meaningful input, and most noticeably missing was following up after the transaction to make sure she was happy. It is the small things that make differences in one’ s life. Bruce, you look after ALL the small things that your clients shouldn’t worry about. That is what makes you our agent for life!”

And more from past years…

“I think you have a very wonderful way of expressing yourself and you are in the RIGHT BUSINESS! I feel you and your lovely wife Mary make a great team.”  Edith McDonald 

“Bruce became my agent quite by chance–the poor sucker who happened to be on call one Sunday afternoon–when I decided that I could not possibly wait another minute to own a property at The Beach. Always the voice of reason, Bruce convinced me, this unknown crazy woman on the other end of the phone, that I did not need to hop in the car and drive the two hours right that very second. From that moment on, Bruce had an easy way of making me feel more like an old friend than an eccentric client. Although that did not keep him from reminding me on occasion that by the time we managed to find a place, in what turned out to be more than a year later, I would have driven him sufficiently over the edge that I would owe him a case of Gibson’s finest! Through it all though he was always a companion to my rambling late night email requests for MLS numbers. The one person I could count on to reply with a quick wit even at 2 a.m. A willing participant in discussions as to why The Cottage Gods seemed to be displeased with me, as my dream cottage remained elusive. He was a co-conspirator in the name game for various properties we saw: “The Swiss Chalet, The Shacks of La Playa Nuevo and the infamous Ugly Mushroom House,” which is a story unto itself. Ask him about it one day, if you want to see just how far around his head can spin! He even managed to win over my somewhat sceptical husband by refusing to conform to the usual more formal agent attire, choosing instead to wear shorts and sandals to show us properties. I will never forget the day we found the What-a-Saga Beach House. He was so excited to have sealed the deal for us, practically hopping from one foot to another as we talked strategy. His strategy worked, as finally the Cottage Gods were smiling on us. It was a short-lived feeling though, as eight days later it became apparent that any favour bestowed on us was to help protect us from the tragedy that the universe was about to deliver. It was after my husband’s sudden passing when Bruce proved without doubt that he was not only an agent beyond compare but also a true friend. He handled the details of the closing seamlessly with the utmost of respect and professionalism, working to ensure nothing would stand in the way of what was to become a much needed escape to my own little slice of Paradise. He even kept his promise to my late husband and made sure that our beach house had a fire pit, a gift we will enjoy for years to come. Bruce became my agent by chance, but it is by choice that I now call him my friend. I would recommend him without hesitation.”  Susan Wong

“We found Bruce to be very professional, friendly and patient. We were first-time homebuyers, so Bruce had his work cut out. He never pressured us and he always followed up with us on all our requests and questions.”   Jennifer Page and Paul Curran

“Bruce is very professional and helpful, not high-pressured. His service is excellent—he does more than sell a home.”   Ron and Donna Gosselin
“I think Bruce’s greatest ability is to make his customers comfortable enough with him to be brutally honest. That’s important when it’s a money matter. Bruce is very friendly, and he takes the time to listen to your needs and tastes. He has a lot of energy!” Dave and Carolyn Harris
“Dear Bruce, Our experience with you was much better than many agents we have dealt with. You showed us exactly what we wanted to see instead of what you felt we could afford. Keep up the great attitude and wonderful service!”   Malcolm and Wendy McFarlane
“Bruce is extremely friendly and easy to talk to and shows genuine concern for all his clients’ needs regarding real estate. He cared about what we wanted, protected our interests, and we are very happy in our new home.”   Andy and Dorothy Traill
“Dear Bruce, A great big thank-you for all your time and patience with us. Your dedication and genuine friendship helped us find just what we were looking for. Very early on you were not only our “Agent” but became our friend. Thank you for welcoming us to Wasaga Beach with the lovely baskets and an original Johnson birdhouse!”   The Vivona Family
“Bruce is very accommodating as far as meeting at special times and places. I appreciated his efforts & extra time spent with us since we were from out of town. Service was always excellent and all information was complete and explained efficiently. Bruce’s personality is unsurpassed!”   Michael and Natalie Padden
“WOW” is the first word used by everyone who walks into my freshly painted house. Mary not only helped us pick really great colors but explained why they would be so great for our personalities. This made us much more confident to take a leap for a fresh new look and that it would be the right choice for us. We genuinely love our new look and are so thankful to Mary for making it happen. She truly is a house whisperer.”   Steve and Stephanie Scholte
“When we finally made the commitment to sell our home we turned to Mary for her expertise in home staging. We firmly believed in the process and wanted to set our home apart from the rest of the housing market. After Mary’s initial assessment she provided us with an extensive list detailed by room and exterior improvement opportunities. At first we were overwhelmed but through dedication and hard work we tackled the list and immediately started to appreciate the transformation that was taking place. Mary supported us though the process with guidance and assistance and more than a few words of encouragement! We highly recommend Mary’s staging magic to everyone.”   The Vandeputtes