The stats are in and have been through my graphical mill to churn out the answer to that ubiquitous question: How’s the Market?  

To bring you an easily-understood analysis of what’s happening in the ever-changing local real estate world, I process the numerical data provided by the Georgian Triangle Real Estate Board and provide formulas and explanations to assist in your important decisions.

Have you ever asked a Realtor “How’s the market?” and been told nothing
much more than “Great”? That Realtor most likely wanted you to get the
impression that he or she was doing well, in demand, and thus a “great”
choice in a Realtor.

In 15+ years of real estate sales in the area, I’ve learned that what you want to know has nothing to do with how that Realtor is personally doing in business.

The right answer to the “How’s the Market” question depends not only on whether you are thinking of selling or buying but also on where exactly you live in town.

If you are considering a move, I offer a free comparative market analysis showing you what homes are for sale now, what homes have sold recently and how long homes are taking to sell in your neighbourhood. When you get that, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have the most accurate information that will tell you right away how YOUR market is and whether relocating is in your best interests, all things considered.